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Degassing and Purging jobs for the Tank Trailers
Sonal Fabricators have a sister concern company by the name of Standard Inspection & Testing with License No. S/HO/MP/03/321 (S68779) located at Ward # 21, Village Padarkheri, Nagar Palika & Tasheel Radhogarh, Guna – 473226, Madhya Pradesh where we undertake the de-gassing of pressure vessel. Our premises is a PESO approved premises and the company is flourishing since last one year and the company has been creating a big name for itself in the market.
Fabrication of Pressure Vessels (Mobile and Static)
Fabrication of Pressure Vessels is one of the oldest and the foremost fleet of the various works that we undertake at Sonal Fabricators Pvt. Ltd. The fabrication shop is duly approved with CCOE Nagpur. Fabrication of Pressure Vessels is strictly carried out strictly in accordance with the SMPV (U) Rule 1981 and following the fabrication code IS:2825 under the stage wise inspection of any third party inspection agency duly recognized by CCOE Nagpur.
Fabrication of Trailers and Running Gears for Tank Trucks
Similar to Fabrication of Pressure Vessels Fabrication of Trailers and Running Gears for Tank Trucks is also one of the front running products of Sonal Fabricators Pvt. Ltd. which is demand in the market. We have approvals from the same department CCOE Nagpur for the fabrication of Trailers and Running Gears. We are very particular about the safety protocols and in materializing that we do not take the running gears from any other company for the mounting the Tank
Installation and distribution systems of LPG/Propane/HSD/Petrol /Gasoline storage on turnkey basis
Over a period of time we have developed this expertise and these days we undertake these projects on ease. Very recently our company has completed the 3x500 MSV in Solapur for HPCL and right now there is an ongoing process at Chakan Bottling Plant for IOCL.
Preparation of all the documents those are required for the smooth running of Mobile Tank for the transportation of LPG, Propane etc.
This is one of the very recent and new fleet that we have added to our company, previously we were dependent on outside market and the documents that are required for the transportation of gases in the Tank Trailers by the transporters were made from outside but now as one of our Directors is a competent person for the testing of pressure vessels so now we have this as our in-house facility and we have the total solution for a transporter. We undertake the preparation of Rule 43, Rule 44, Rule 18, and Rule 19 etc.
Installation and repair jobs of LPG bottling plants and pipelines on turnkey basis.
Installation of LPG Bottling Plant is one of the main expertise. The whole project is initiated on the capacity and specification provided by the customer and then we take on the project in accordance with the guidelines and rules laid down. The project monitoring shall be done independently by a consultant having vast experience in LPG & Project Management to ensure timely completion of the project and close coordination with all the legal and technical, 3rd party Inspecting Agency, PESO etc.
Transportation of LPG, Propane and other flammable gases
The company have three main sister concern companies by the name of Rohit Bulk Carrier, Sat Priya & Sons and Anil Bulk Carrier. In these firms we undertake the transportation of LPG and other flammable and inflammable gases for major oil companies and some of the major players in the market of India. Every 3 year companies like BPCL (Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd), IOCL (Indian Oil Corporation Ltd.), HPCL (Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd.) floats tender in the market which invites tenders from the transporters to transport LPG from one bottling plant to another, we have more than 50 Tank Trailers in our sister concern companies serving these companies.